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We are delighted to announce that our store is now fully open without any restrictions. Our top priority has always been to provide exceptional service while ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.

During these unprecedented times, we have adapted our business model to comply with the COVID restrictions put in place by the Victorian State Government.

Both Trades People and Customers are welcome without any limitations, and there is no need for a prior appointment. Our sales team is ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

You can easily purchase from the many products listed on our website, and for any special orders or items not listed, please feel free to email us at quotes@tileimporter.com.au.

We continue to provide our normal courier service for all deliveries.

We will remain vigilant and make changes to our model if necessary. Please check our website regularly for any updates.

We would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation and support during these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you soon at Tile Importer and wish you good health and safety.




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DAR Timber Supplier Melbourne

Tile Importer are the DAR timber supplier Melbourne DIY-ers and contractors trust for high-quality timbers and excellent customer service. Based in Oakleigh South, we stock hundreds of different timber DAR options and sizes. The main categories of DAR timber that we supply in Melbourne include hardwood, MDF, pine, cedar, easy trim, and Meranti. We have Select glade, Standard grade, Utility grade, and Merchant grade timbers available. If you’re after a specific DAR timber in Melbourne, get in touch with our team as we likely have it in stock!

Top Selling Dar Timbers

What is DAR timber?

DAR timber refers to Dressed All Round timber, which means that the timber has been machined on all sides, resulting in an all-round smooth surface. Depending on the timber itself, DAR timber is commonly used across furniture making, carpentry, panelling, and in some cases, decking, privacy screens, and landscaping (depending on whether the timber is treated for outdoor use).

DAR timber is one of the most popular materials across renovators, DIYers, and builders, as the smooth finish and rounded edges are easy to handle than other types of timber.

Extremely versatile, DAR timber is also favoured as it is extremely cost-effective when compared to alternatives. Abundant and well-priced, it’s no wonder that DAR timber is one of the most popular product ranges at Tile Importer.

What’s the difference between sawn and DAR timber?

Where DAR timber is favoured for being finished, smooth, and ready to work with, sawn timber is the least finished timber available. Before being treated, timber is put through a process of sawing and drying – it is only dried before treating, and not afterwards. The finished result is a timber that is still close to its natural state, with a raw look and feel.

In comparison, Dressed All Round timber is the most finished of all timbers available. DAR timber is often machined until it is fully polished, offering a smooth, rounded, and consistent finish.

What are the benefits of using DAR timber?

Working with DAR Timber is, in general, less difficult than working with other timbers like rough, sawn timber. DAR timber is smooth and rounded, which makes the process of construction and building much more simple – for DIYers, landscapers, contractors, and builders.

Another benefit of working with DAR timber is that the result offers a clean, uniform, appearance.

Finally, DAR timber is less likely to warm or up over time as the timber has been planed and machined to precise specifications and an exact thickness.

Why should I shop with Tile Importer?

You should choose to work with Tile Importer because timber is in our DNA. We’re Melbourne’s leading suppliers of timber, and we have the biggest selection of DAR timber that the city has to offer.

With over 12,000 products and over 7 acres of materials, we are confident that we have the perfect material to suit every project, budget, and renovator. Whether you’re creating new furniture, renovating an old worker’s cottage, preparing for a DIY weekend, or landscaping, we’re confident that we have the perfect DAR timber solutions to suit your needs.

What’s more is, we’re a family owned business and have been since 1967. Which means that we are committed to providing the same level of high quality customer service that has served us and the Melbourne community so well for the last five decades. Upgrade your outdoor living space with premium Timber Decking Melbourne options.

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