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Choosing a Reliable Timber Supplier for Your Project

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When it comes to planning for your next project, the materials you use help determine its aesthetics and functionality. Timber is a material frequently used in construction projects for its beauty, versatility and longevity. Whether used in building a house, a piece of furniture or an interior accessory, timber is highly regarded for its functionality in many projects.

To get the best deal on timber for your project, choose trusted timber wholesalers in Melbourne like Tile Importer. Read on to learn how timber is an excellent choice for construction and how we can help you get what you need at a price you can afford.


Why Use Timber for Your Project.

Pile Of Timber

Timber is a popular choice of material for today’s properties for the following reasons:

  • Natural Material

Timber is non-toxic, making it a safe material to handle. It takes less carbon dioxide to process timber than it does to manufacture other materials such as steel. Thus fewer fossil fuels re used in the manufacturing of timber. It also ages naturally and does not break down into environmentally harmful materials at the end of its life.

  • Great Insulator

When used in doors, flooring and windows, timber acts as a natural insulator. Its structure contains small air pockets that help reduce the energy needed for cooling and heating. This means you utilise less energy from your HVAC system, lowering your electricity bills. Timber also has a natural fire resistance when it is dried to standard moisture content levels.

  • Versatility

Timber can be used to create a wide variety of projects: a house, a coffee table or a frame. It’s easy to install and can be pre-cut and modulated for quicker building time. Anyone working with timber for a project just needs simple tools to start working.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Timber is cheap to maintain compared to other materials. Whether for flooring or decking systems, timber material is easy enough to care for with warm soapy water and a bristled broom to remove dirt from the surface. Suppliers of cladding also recommend adding a protective coating for protection from moisture and UV rays.

  • Reusability

Timber is easy to recycle and turn into other items. For example, a timber frame from a previous structure can be upcycled into a table. That way, you can give the material another purpose without sending it to the landfill.

  • Tensile Strength


Despite being lightweight, timber supports its own weight better than steel does. This allows you to add larger spaces and fewer supports in your designs.


Choosing a Reliable Timber Supplier


Buying your timber from a reliable supplier ensures that you will get high-quality and fairly-priced materials. Here are important factors that determine a reputable source of timber.

  • Do a Background Check

You’ll find several timber suppliers in Australia: some of them have been in business for a long time, while others are younger but offer the same quality of products and services as the established ones. Before buying from a particular source, look at reviews online to see what experiences consumers had with different companies. This helps you gain a better idea of which supplier to choose.

Research also allows you to determine if the company supplies responsibly farmed wood. Some sources farm their timber in an unsustainable manner, with the timber being logged irresponsibly or illegally. Make sure that the wood supplied by the companies is certified by the Australian Forest Certification Scheme, the Forestry Stewardship Council or other forestry sustainability accredited councils.


  • Set Your Criteria

After conducting a thorough background check, clarify what it is that is of utmost importance to you. Create a set of criterion that your intended supplier needs to meet throughout your contract. List them down according to importance.

Here are the potential criterion to include in your checklist:

  • payment terms and conditions
  • return and refund policy
  • lead times (from initial contact to delivery)
  • methods of delivery
  • quality assurance processes
  • storage and handling processes

This list helps you double-check issues you might otherwise have overlooked during the selection process.


  • Visit Their Showroom

Although it’s common to buy materials online, it’s still better to see the product yourself to double-check the quality. Most suppliers will have a showroom that you can visit. Dropping by the showroom also allows you to meet the team to see if you can work with them for your project.


  • Monitor Their Performance

Conduct regular performance reviews to monitor their role as your supplier. During negotiations on contract renewal, use the insights you’ve gathered so the two of you can determine the next course of action. While unforeseen events can and do happen, how a supplier responds to such events is often a good indicator of how good a partner that supplier will be.


Tile Importer Is Your Trusted Source of Timber

With more than 12,000 products, Tile Importers aims to be your one-stop shop. What can you find?


Whether you need beautiful strip flooring, particle board underlayment or even cement sheet flooring to get your project ready, the timber wholesalers at Tile Importer have it.

We are one of the leading flooring suppliers in Melbourne. Our selection of hardwood and softwood flooring products include laminated boards, spotted gum, chipboard and hardwood parquetry. These are available in a variety of grades and measurements to suit most projects’ requirements. These products are sourced from well-known brands who have proven their reliability as manufacturers.


With the pests and harsh climate of Australia, treated pine is the best choice for fencing. Timber wholesalers offer a full range of treated pine products as well as all of the fixtures needed to finish a fencing project.


Getting the perfect framing timber is important. At Tile Importer Timber wholesalers, customers can browse the massive range of:

  • MGP10
  • MGP12
  • F5
  • Merch grades

Additionally, if time is important, request a quote from the Contact Us page.


Plywood is a central feature of many projects. Whatever type of plywood you need, you can find it:

  • Bracing
  • DD
  • CD
  • Formply Tulsa plywood

Better yet, Tile Importer Timber wholesalers can save you money when you use bargain seconds in plywood.


Nothing makes a house more enjoyable than a beautiful deck that can help families gather to eat or entertain. Whatever style or colour of wood is needed, Tile Importers can supply you with different types of timber for your decking, including::

  • Cypress Pine
  • Treated Pine
  • Merbau
  • Jarrah
  • Silvertop
  • Spotted gum
  • Todwood
  • Timbertech

Best of all, the Display Center at Tile Importers can give you many ideas of projects and you can get help to design and carry out your ideas from the professionals in our timber warehouse. Find the ideal decking supplier for all your decking needs at Tile Importer.


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